Steps to Order Sod Delivery From A&M Sod Supply Divisions


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Sod Measuring Guide

All sod is sold by the square yard each roll arrives 10 square feet. When the area in square feet is determined when you divide by 10 and round to next full number to get square yards.

We always add an extra 5% to total for wastage, to do this multiply by 1.05, it’s better to have extra than not enough to finish the job.

For more complex yards it’s best to draw the area and break down into sections or shapes for measurement.


Sod Ordering Process

24 Hour delivery notice. Please keep in mind that sod turf is freshly cut before delivery for the best results installing sod. Please submit an order by phone. Our knowledgeable staff is available for consulting, fertilizer selection, area calculations,  and any other questions you may have when selecting sod.


Delivery Schedule

Our spring sod delivery schedule is Monday through Saturday. For summer and fall, our sod delivery schedule is Monday through Friday. Please contact for availability and delivery areas.  We deliver any quantity of sod, no order is too large! Home deliveries or construction sites!

Area Conversions

  • Length x Width
  • Example:
  • Base is 10 feet and the Height is 10 feet
  • 10’ x 10′ = 100 square feet
  • (Base x Height) Divided by 2
  • Example: “B”ase is 10 feet and the “H”eight (base to point) is 20 feet then divided by 2.
  • = 10 b x 20 h divided by 2
  • = 100 square feet
  • 3.14 x Radius Squared (x2)
  • Example: Circles’ radius ( r ) is 10 feet. Multiply the known 3.14 by the radius squared.
  • = 3.14 x 10 X 10
  • = 3.14 x 100
  • =314 square feet
  • Square Feet = 1 Square Yard
  • 1 Square Foot = .0929 Meters Squared
  • 1 Square Yard = .8361 (or .84) Meters Squared
  • 1 Square Meter = 1.196 (or 1.2) Square Yard

4 Dimensional Sod Blend

See how our unique sod blend is best for you! We use a premium sod blend with a unique hybrid mix combining 4 new grass seed varieties, each with benefits for the Southwestern Ontario climate and the environment. These grass seeds are genetically developed through university testing to grow more efficiently and high performing.  Kentucky Bluegrass seed is included in the blend. Our mix of 4 hybrid grass seeds that have an outstanding turf quality through four main features; heat tolerance, disease resistance, colour, and vigor.

  • Heat and drought tolerance means our sod requires less watering once established.
  • Outstanding disease and pest resistance which means fewer chemicals and a greener turf.
  • An appealing dark green color that does not require as many fertilizers to attain or maintain.
  • Finally, vigor is a sod strength quality that self-repairs in high traffic areas and uses density to fight weeds.

For rankings and further information see our 4 Dimensional sod page. We offer the best sod mixture available for a healthy lawn in London Ontario’s climate zone. If premium, healthy, lush green turf is what you are looking for, don’t settle for anything less.


To Order Sod Call Toll-Free 1-888-763-5340

We deliver sod in any amount across Southwestern Ontario. Order 24 Hours in advance for sod delivery schedule. We deliver to most areas daily. Be prepared with the area in square yards. Sod farm open to public we operate sod farms in Southwestern Ontario for a range of customers that include: landscapers, retail garden centers, builders/developers, sports fields, and homeowners. We are ready and qualified for your sod project!

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